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Google Optimization

Promotion of a site on Google is characterized by high speed indexing of pages and links, which means the rate of occurrence of the resource in the SERP.

Google optimization is an integral part of SEO-Optimization, and has good feedback, because the search engine is very fast. If the actions were wrong, it immediately becomes clear, the results can be seen almost in one week, because the search engine is very fast indexing new pages on your site.

Optimization for Google assumes that you need to make the site attractive to the search engine and search engine robots. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to hold a series of works on internal optimization and external optimization.

Unique content.
Ensure site unique content, and this is the content to be updated three times a week, ideally, of course, updated daily.

Unique titles and meta tags.
It is endowed with unique titles and meta-tags page. It is necessary to treat each page of your site.

Site Map.
You need to add a site map, which helps to speed up the process of indexing the pages, finding a speedy search engine changes in these pages, the rapid penetration of resource in Google SERPs results.

Uninterruptible hosting.
It is important to provide a streamlined smooth hosting. Make sure that the server is running shows Google Webmaster tools.
Site relink.
It is necessary to make sure that the site is not duplicated non-unique content on different URLs to. It is necessary that all the unique content has been indexed, because the more pages with the same content indexing robot, the less time he has to unique.

Loading pages.
It is necessary to test the loading of pages on the site, namely the speed of the download. If the pages or documents are loaded for a long time, then it is likely that the search robot simply go away from the site and perhaps come back uda not soon.

Reference mass.
It is important to monitor the reference weight, you need to make sure that the site led as many links from sites that are valued by the search engine Google and which are regularly visited by search engine robots.

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